Agricultural Loans

a) Agricultural and Value Addition Product and Service.

This is a credit facility provided to Smallholder Farmer Entrepreneurs involved or planning to undertake crop and horticulture production and value addition/agri-business economic activities.

This product is provided through both Self Help Groups and Individual Delivery Approaches.

This product is for financing entrepreneurs to undertake irrigation based mixed crop and horticultural farming and value addition/agri-business. The credit provided under this product will be for working capital, fixed assets or for both.

The product will be for supporting land preparation, irrigation systems, machinery and equipments, seeds, chemicals, labour, storage facilities, transport and all other farming related activities.

Affordable interest Rates
Training services
Flexible loan repayment

B) Livestock and Value Addition Financing Product and Service.

This product is provided to Smallholder Livestock Farmer Entrepreneurs involved or planning to undertake livestock production and manufacturing/value addition through both Self Help Groups Group and Individual Delivery Approaches to finance livestock buying & selling; fattening & selling; dairy farming /zero grazing; poultry farming including, purchasing incubators; goats buying & selling; fish farming; piggery farming; rabbits farming; yogurt and any other dairy related value addition; and bee keeping farming & value addition.

C) Youth & Women in Agriculture & Livestock Farming and Value Addition Financing Product and Service.

This product is specifically targeted to women and young people aged 18-35 years who are involved or panning to undertake agricultural and livestock farming and value addition commercial activities.

This product is initiated through creating partnerships with relevant National & County Government Departments & Agencies and aims at creating interest among the youth & women on the importance of farming as a profitable enterprise with high potential in creating rural employment and wealth. It is provided through existing or newly formed SHGs within SISDO’s targeted communities.

This product is to finance agricultural, livestock and value addition enterprises for women and young people aged 18-35 years.
The credit facility is for working capital, assets or both.

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